Kindergarten News Letter

*Please look at our class website if you loose a note or need class information. I try to keep it updated with information that you may need about class. The web address is:

*Please also frequently look at the Fox Hollow blog for school information. The web address is:

Dates to remember
*Tuesday, May 14th is Chick-Fil-A spirit night.

*Thursday, May 16th is lunch at school day. Please make sure that you pay for lunch before that day and help your child practice their lunch number. This is a very exciting thing for Kindergartners!

*Thursday, May 16th we will be collecting take home reading books. There will be no more library or take home book after this date. Please return them so that we can start our inventory for the end of the year.

*Friday, May 17th-Friday May 24th no school for Kindergarten. This is a week for students to come in with their parents for individual assessment. Please sign up for an appointment.

*Tuesday, June 4th is field day. Please have your student wear sunscreen as we will be outside most of the day.

*Tuesday, June 4th is the LAST day of school for Kindergarten ONLY! All other grades will get out the next day.

General Information
*A volunteer calendar will come home with this newsletter at the beginning of each month. I will try to keep you in the same place each month. If you need something changed with the day, time or activity you are doing in class please let me know and I will change it for you.

*This year to track our reading we will be doing a monthly calendar. I will send home a blank calendar on the back of this page. Please write the number of minutes that you read to your child or that your child reads. Then return the calendar to school at the beginning of the next month.

*We are collecting box tops in our class. So if you have any please send them to school with you student. They are a great way for the school to earn extra money!

*We have peanut and tree nut allergies in our class this year. If you are going to send treats, please check labels to make sure there are no nuts and the product was not made in a factory that has other nut products. If a treat comes to school that has nuts in it I will NOT be able to pass them out. You may also choose to send non-food items such as pencils, erasers, bookmarks, etc. Thank you for your understanding!

What we are learning this Month
*Letter names & sounds, beginning, ending & middle sounds of words, rhyming, chunks, parts of a book, different types of books, sight words & writing sentences.

*Patterns, calendar, days of the week, months of the year, numbers 0-30, adding and subtracting, story problems, graphing, greater than, less than & equal.

*The homework program for our class is designed to allow student’s to move at their own pace. Student’s will start with “Set 1” after they have mastered that page you will sign and return to school. Please always send homework back in the To School pocket of the homework folder. The next “Set” will be sent home with your child after the other is returned.
Please keep the homework set until your child has learned what is on the page.

*Please remember to sign and return homework when your child has mastered it.

*Please keep reading to your child and helping them explore reading on their own. Keep reading our take home books.