Welcome to Kindergarten
Mrs. Knudsen
School Phone #: 801-282-1818

I am looking forward to an exciting year with many positive learning experiences with your child. The following information will help acquaint you with some of the things we will be doing in Kindergarten. Parents are a vital part of their child’s education. Thank you for your interest and support!

Kindergarten is a time and place to learn important attitudes about life and learning. This year we will experience the joy of learning as we think, discuss, socialize, experiment, create, build, sing, work and play. We will concentrate on developing the “whole child”.

-Morning Kindergarten
Monday-Thursday: 9:00-11:40
Friday (Short Day): 9:00-11:00

Please have your student line up outside the Kindergarten doors to go in with the teacher. Remember to just get into line no playing on the playground because there will be so many students outside. Please do not bring your child into the building before school. If he/she is tardy, you will need to check him/her in at the office. Your student can then walk to the classroom. At the end of the day, please wait outside the building. We will walk your child out each day.

On mornings that the weather is too cold or wet, we will put a sign that says “IN” on the door and children will be able to come in to the classroom, instead of waiting outside. The principal’s office determines the mornings that the sign goes up on the doors.

Please remember to always use the cross walks when walking to and from the parking lot. The pick-up lane is the closest lane to the curb. Remember no parking in that lane. Students are NOT allowed to cross the pick-up lane to enter a car in the drive through lane. These safety rules are made in order to keep ALL students and adults safe.
If your child is going home with someone different than usual or using a different mode of transportation, (Example, a parent instead of the daycare bus), please send a note letting me know. Without a note signed by a parent, we cannot let children go home with people other than parents or guardians.

We do not have enough time in the day to have a snack at school. Please be sure your child gets a healthy breakfast or lunch BEFORE coming to school. Snacks should not be brought in their backpacks. If you want to have a snack waiting for them after pick-up, please do!

We recognize that sometimes children have a difficult time being separated from parents for the first time as they come to school, while others are so eager to be here that it makes their parents a little sad. With some children a few tears are normal during the first few days. Please help us reassure your child that school is a great place to be and that this is an important part of their lives. If you have a concern about this, please contact your child’s teacher and we will work with you to help make a smooth transition to school life. Thank you!

Please label everything that your child brings to school. Children often misplace items or have the same things and labeling helps us identify your child’s items. We are not liable for lost or damaged items brought from home. Please do not allow your child to bring toys or valuable items to school.

*Recess is a very important part of the day for children. Whenever possible we will be outside for recess. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather and for playing on the playground.

*We will also participate in Library, Computers and P.E. weekly on a rotating schedule. Again, please make sure that your child wears appropriate shoes for P.E. No flip-flops, please.

Other Information
*Homework: After a few weeks I will send a homework folder home with your child. Please take a few minutes to look over and read the information in the homework folder. There will be activities and lesson plans of things to do with your child. I will also send a separate homework page to do. These pages will be completed signed and returned after your child has mastered the sheet. It is also important to read at least 10-20 minutes a night. There will be a monthly reading calendar sent home to track reading.

*Take Home Books: Each child will be bringing home Take Home Books beginning when they are ready. When they are ready to start reading books more information will be sent about the program.

There will be a pocket in the homework folder labeled “to home” and everything that is to go home will be found in this pocket at the end of the day. The other pocket will be labeled “to school” and this is a place that things can be put for me. Please return all homework, books, notes, etc in this pocket. I will check this pocket everyday and if something needs to be returned I will get it if it is in the “to school” pocket. Please check their bag and homework folder nightly! This will help us have better communication and organization.

*Star student (Spotlight): This will be presented everyday the first few days of school right before the school day ends. You will receive a note home with the poster for the students day, explaining what to do. Basically, your child will fill out and bring the poster to share and tell us all about themselves.

*Show and Teach: Our class will have a show and teach bag that will go home with each student a few times throughout the year. The child may pick something to bring to class to show and teach the other students. Please help your child pick things that are educational and appropriate. (i.e. a book, a poster, something they got on vacation, something from another country, etc.) Please NO toys, weapons, food or other things that are not allowed at school. If the object is something of great value, please do not send it in the show and teach bag.

*Book Orders: We will participate in book orders, however, the frequency will depend on the amount of interest we receive on the prior order. The book clubs now have minimum ordering requirements so we will place as many orders as we are able, based on your interest level. Please make checks payable to the book company.

*Money and Notes: When sending money, notes or other personal correspondents to school with your child, please put in a sealed envelope and write your child’s name, as well as my name, on the envelope. If it is money also write what it is for. (i.e. book orders, lunch, etc.)

*Class Website: I have a class website that I will post notes and information incase notes are lost. There is also links to other websites that will be available for students to play games and practice important educational skills. Please use this website to your advantage. You can access it at classcorner.wikispaces.com

*Birthdays:You are more than welcome to send birthday treats if you would like. Treats should be easy to serve and must be store bought. (State Law prohibits homemade food from being brought into schools for treats) Appropriate examples are doughnuts, cookies, or candy. Please no cupcakes-they are very messy. You may also choose to send non-food treats instead of food, such as pencils, erasers, mini notebooks, etc. I will send a note if we have any allergies in our class, please try to be sensitive to these students.
Please do not have you student pass out invitations to parties at school. We do not want anyone to get their feelings hurt.

*Parent Volunteers: There will be opportunities for classroom volunteers.
These can be daily, weekly, monthly, parties only, or things you can do at home. If you are interested please sign up at the first testing appointment or contact me by email!

*Clothing: Jordan School District has the dress code on their webpage, which you can look at. The basics are to please make sure all tank tops are at least three adult fingers in width, meaning NO spaghetti straps. As for shorts and skirts please make sure they are at the mid thigh or closer to the knee. Also, please make sure that every article of clothing is easy for YOUR child to do by them selves. It is against the law for me to help them and avoiding those situations would be greatly appreciated! If there is a concern that your child may have bathroom accident, you may choose to put a labeled extra set of clothing in a plastic bag that will be left in their backpack. Please understand that your child will be responsible for their own bathroom needs and good hygiene.

*Attendance: Daily attendance is very important for your child’s success and they should arrive on time. When school is missed students are missing very important information. I understand that there are circumstances when a student needs to be absent, if this happens please send a note, email or call the office.

Classroom Management Plan
*Classroom expectation:
1.Raise your hand.
2.Eyes on the speaker.
3.Body to yourself.
4.Use walking feet.
5.Do your best work.

These are the expectations in our classroom that students will be expected to follow. As a class we will talk about these and practice them regularly. Please take a minute to read the expectations with your child. Thank you!

A consistent routine, praise, encouragement and developmentally appropriate material are the basis for my classroom management plan. Students are expected to follow directions. Appropriate behavior is expected.

Our class has a reward system for positive and appropriate behavior. If a child’s behavior card is on green at the end of the day they will receive a stamp on their card. When their stamp card is full they will get to pick a prize from the treasure box. Also when the card is full it will go into a jar and when the jar is full we get a class reward.

If a child creates a disturbance that interrupts the teacher’s ability to teach or another student’s ability to learn, they will receive a warning. After the warning the student will pull their green behavior card. They will hand it to me and we will discuss the behavior. If the behavior continues the student will pull their yellow behavior card. If the behavior continues the student will pull their red behavior card. If the behavior still continues after all behavior cards and meetings with the teacher it will result in a Think Time. With the help of the teacher they will create a plan to help them be more responsible in the future. When they are ready, they can return to the group and implement their plan. If the behavior continues after the think time it will result in a call home.

Most Kindergarten students are eager to come to school and learn. They are curious and love to make new friends. I anticipate that each child will contribute to a positive learning and social environment in our classroom.

This is a lot of information so please re-read and become more familiar with it! Later in the year if you forget something you will have it to reference back to. If you have any questions or comments about this letter or this year, please email or call me! Thank you, I look forward to a great year!

Mrs. Knudsen

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